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Superintendant's Message September 2012 - November 2012


Dear friends,

As we find ourselves now into the latter half of the year when days shorten and nights become darker, I hope that you have managed to find some rest and relaxation over 

the holiday season. 

During the year so far, many people within our churches have had cause to celebrate as they have welcomed new additions to the family, achieved a milestone in their 

marriage or shared in a family member or friend's celebration or achievement. Others on the other hand have had cause to endure times of worry and anxiety with health issues, or grief as they have mourned the loss of someone close to them. 

All these events are circumstances in life which bring changes for us. For some that may be welcome and prepared for but for others it will have been more sudden and 

adjusting will be harder. 

Change is something which is happening to us all the time but will often be something from which we would turn away if we could. 

Within the Circuit it is recognised that there is a need for change. What that change will be is what the Leadership Team are wrestling with just now. All this makes it 

uncomfortable for many within our congregations who cannot understand why we can't have the ministers they feel we need. 

The Scotland District too is facing time of radical change as talks take us further towards becoming One Circuit and all that will entail. 

While we consider all these things, is it not good, is it not heartening to be reminded that as Christian people we belong to a God who remains constant and unchanging? 

That same God bids us bring to Him all our joys and celebrations and our worries and grief and share them with Him. 

Whether it is something within our personal lives or within the life of our Church, 

Circuit or District, God cares and He wants us to offer it all to Him in prayer and trust in His unchanging love, mercy and grace. 


Every blessing,