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Riverside Methodist Church Blairgowrie




Welcome to Worship @ The Wellmeadow Cafe 

Sunday 23rd June – Mrs Beryl Cowling    11.00 am



Dates of your Diary.


30th June on our Circuit plan is a ‘Local Arrangement’ . The suggestion has been made that we join the congregation of Blairgowrie Parish Church who’s new minister Rev Benjamin Abeledo is conducting his first service at 11.00am, he is to be inducted on Thursday 20th June at 6.30pm, everyone is welcome to attend.


Coffee Morning. We meet for our coffee mornings on a monthly basis, on the first Monday of the month 10.00 -11.30 am in the Wellmeadow Cafe. The next one will be Monday 01st July 2019.


The Christian Aid Charity Shop – thanks extended to everyone who volunteered to help & for donations. A total of £1616.95 was raised.

Extraordinary Circuit Meeting – was held 12th June @ Dundee Methodist Church to discuss stationing & financial situation. Please see information regarding this which will be an item on Church Council agenda on Monday 17th June.

Solas Festival is back for 2019 at a brand new site - 21st JUNE - 23rd JUNE 2019


Dubbed “Scotland’s most family-friendly music festival”, Solas promises an idyllic countryside weekend, with exciting live music on three stages, debates and discussions on the issues of the day, theatre and dance and a full programme of workshops and activities for children, from tiny tots to teens.

Solas Festival is about placing the arts in a wider context, and strives to exhibit a commitment to equality, justice, beauty and hospitality throughout the festival. The Solas aim is to create a space that is tolerant, inclusive and free of prejudice.


Welcome Service for Rev Mark Slaney – Saturday 31st August 2.30pm @ Perth Methodist Church

Rev Mark Slaney will be the new Chair of District from 1st September. 


In the event of a fire, press either of the fire alarms by the front and back doors by breaking the glass. If you are in the kitchen area, a screen comes down to the floor and you exit by the rear door. If you are in the café area, exit by the front door.

Don’t forget to phone the Fire Brigade! 





Sunday 30th June – Blairgowrie Parish Church


www.riverside-methodist-church.co.uk              SC038412











please put the following link to the interview with John for Hartland Radio

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Riverside Methodist Church, Rattray, Blairgowrie
Press Release

Church decides to move out of 127 year old building

The Methodist church have agreed that they will move out of their 127 year old building in Riverside Road, a landmark building in Blairgowrie. Members of the church council made the decision at a meeting on 1st May because they can no longer afford the upkeep and running costs of the historic 200 seat church. As well as the enormous heating costs there are also expensive issues to be dealt with in the fabric of the building.

This decision was not made lightly. The church has a proud history in Blairgowrie since opening in 1887. In 1885 Mr David Borrie, a local businessman, had left his fortune for the building of a Methodist church in the town.

The church contains several stained glass windows including a large war memorial window honouring those from The Labour Corps regiment who gave their lives in the first world war. The organ in the church is an historically significant instrument made in 1870 by Peter Conacher.

The church now meet at the Wellmeadow Café Gas Brae Blairgowrie at 11.00 am






























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