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Riverside Methodist Church, Blairgowrie & Rattray

Welcome to Worship @  Wellmeadow House


Sunday April5 th

Hi All,

I hope that you are all still surviving and keeping safe here is this weeks message. Keep in touch

Although I love the works of J.R.Tolkien and The Hobbit in particular, I have never actually wanted to be a Hobbit, although the prospect of a second breakfast has often appealed, the hairy feet put me off! But the sense of home, of contentment, of being at peace in daily life, of a Hobbit, I have often admired, not least off all now. 

Being partly confined to home (and I know that I am lucky that I can still go out a bit) brings much more closely to my attention those places where I am not at home in myself.

Grateful for a lovely Manse, I am still restless, not at home, not at peace. Part of that is because our world has been turned upside down with its massive impact on daily life. Part of this though is just me not being at home in myself, and like everyone else, having my weaknesses exposed in these unusual times. 

What I did at home, and when I did it, is now all up in the air and I flit between chores, work, family, crafts, phone calls, online meetings, all the time thinking I should be doing something else, doing something more, instead of just using this gift of time for just being, not always doing.

The hobbit, Bilbo Baggins gave his memoirs the title, ‘There and back again.’ We will look back at these days as he did, from the perspective of having come through the other side, but for now I know, that I must spend time, just being, not always doing. I must go on an inner journey, take steps to develop some more patience for a start, take steps to be at home in myself, at peace with who I am. It is the perfect time, for a journey of spiritual growth.

Jesus, spoke of the many rooms in his Father’s house prepared for us, and he said that he stands, at our door, not rushing off, having rung the bell, as we currently have to, but knocking and calling so that we can hear, open the door and share a meal (Revelation 3:20). So in the coming weeks and months I will try at home, to be at home in who I am and open my door to the one who draws me deeper into life, maybe by putting aside some extra time to just rest in the presence of the one who is light itself. I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs time to rest and feel at home. 

Catch up with you all next week

God Bless


here is a message sent to me from the chair of district which gives ideas for worshipping at home  this weekend and beyond.

  1. Our folk can find a collection of resources for worship on the Scotland District website. Here is the linkhttp://methodistchurchinscotland.net/resources/worship-resources-for-online-and-at-home/


  1. I will be leading a short act of worship live on Sunday morning at 11am for Methodists across Scotland and Shetland. Folk can subscribe to my channel and join in using this linkhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqMz31V_plsq89v_KXAAlCw


  1. Please find attached a version of the Churches Together call to prayer for this Sunday which comes from the Scotland Churches Leaders Forum.


Many thanks.


Yours in Christ,



Revd Mark Slaney| Chair of the Methodist Church in Scotland (Scotland District & Shetland District)







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