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Riverside Methodist Church, Blairgowrie & Rattray

Online service

Sunday March 7th    Revd. Nik Wooller

www.riverside-methodist-church.co.uk             SC038412


  The early birds will be able to view it from 9am on Sunday but for the rest of us – it would be a really lovely feeling to think that we will all watch it at the same time at 11 on Sunday.

 It will be a good idea to find the channel beforehand and there is a short service there – the worship we had at the Local Preachers’ meeting – for you to practice with.  Go to ‘Search’ on YouTube and put in Angus, Dundee and Perth Methodist Circuit (Yes - I will have a word with Nik about the title!!)  It has a name and a logo - shown here.'-Sue Marshall Jennings.

If you go to the Dundee Methodist Church website you can get the You tube link there    Ruth


Angus, Dundee and Perth Methodist Circuit

Nik's Musings  07/03/21

Sunday March 7th     Revd. Nik Wooller

The reading I am musing on today, like last week’s, takes place during that final supper Jesus and the disciples shared. Jesus has spoken about himself as the Way, Truth and Life; he has encouraged his disciples not to despair, and to believe in God the Father, and in Jesus himself. Now, Jesus takes a new direction, a new “I am” saying, a new hint at who he is, and who we are as his followers.

‘I am the True Vine and my Father is the vine-grower,’ he says. In saying this, he uses an image found in the Hebrew Scriptures so familiar to his early disciples, where Israel herself is seen as the vine. Jesus goes further, ‘I am the Vine, you are the branches.’ Those of us who seek to follow God, to deepen our relationship with God, must do so connected to Jesus. Gone is the language of believing, or trusting from the previous chapter, now Jesus calls us to abide – to abide in the Father and in Jesus, God’s Son. Now, Jesus’ life isn’t just to be a way to follow, but it will be the source of our life and growth.
We hear this image of the Vine each year at our covenant service and it is important not just for understanding who Jesus is, but in understanding who we are in Jesus. To be a branch on Jesus’ vine is not just to be connected to Jesus, but it is to recognise that we are connected to one another as well.

Our faith isn’t just about our personal relationship with Jesus, but it is also about being part of a wider family – all children of God. We don’t get to choose who the other branches are, but we are called to recognise our connection one with another.

When we choose to remain branches connected to Jesus, the Vine, it is also to seek to bear fruit. In so many places in the Bible we see that the greatest fruit we are to desire is to love. In his parable that we call the Good Samaritan, Jesus makes clear that to love our neighbour means to love those we encounter who are in need, regardless of whether they are like us or not. What is more, it is a practical love that seeks the best for them, not just having a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Fairtrade Fortnight, which finishes on Sunday, gives us the opportunity to put that love into action. It reminds us to listen again to stories of those who grow our food and produce our clothes, as we remember those stories may we seek the best for them and put our love into action as we shop by paying a fair price so that they have the resources to develop their communities, can afford education and healthcare, become more resilient in the face of the climate crisis. How we shop, and the effect that has on our neighbours around the world, isn’t something separate from our lives of faith, but is a central element to how we show love of neighbour and love of God.
Seeking to abide in Christ the True Vine is to draw strength from Christ – to be nourished by his words and his Spirit so that we may blossom and produce fruits that will transform our world. This Lent, may we seek to be nourished by Christ in order that we may love like Christ. May the vision for who we should love not be limited by artificial national boundaries, but may we remember that it was because God so loved the
 world that he gave his only Son, to be our Vine, the source of our life and strength. 

I have added a lent calendar to this weeks musings, print it out, then every day during Lent choose one self-care activity to do and colour it in, may all of us use this Lent to take a bit more care of ourselves.

Sunday March 14th     Rev Graham Thorpe

Lent 2021              

Angus Dundee and Perthshire with Strathclyde Methodist Circuits

Our Lent course this year will take place on zoom at 7pm on Wednesday evenings:

3rd, 10th, 24, 31st March 2021

We shall be considering what it means to follow a Methodist Way of Life and you will be invited to connect with material on the Methodist Church website.

You will find this leaflet a good introduction to the subject:


and you will prompted to look at the material in this A5 booklet as we progress through the weeks of study:


We are hoping that we shall all find this to be a refreshing experience, renewing us in our Christian lives.

To get the zoom link please register your interest with either of us

God Bless.


Nick, and Nik.

nd Methodist YouTube Channel. The Shetland District Facebook page has lots of other news and resources too.

·        Inverness Circuit is broadcasting on their YouTube Channel Inverness Methodist Church and you can follow all that’s happening at The Bike Shed Coffee House with Dave Saunders the Bearded Woodworkerwho is hosting a series of online conversations connected to issues of faith and everyday life raised by the current pandemic. These are posted on the Kyrios Facebook page.

·        The North of Scotland Circuit offers acts of worship and a variety of ways to connect:
Moray Coast offers worship services led by folks from the coastal churches.
Peterhead Methodist Church Facebook Page has lots of videos and devotional material for all ages.
Aberdeen Methodist Church YouTube Channel offers reflections and more. Further resources are available on the Aberdeen Methodist Church Facebook page.

·        Angus, Dundee and Perthshire Circuit offers reflections, prayers, artwork and more on the Circuit Facebook page, and Scottish Methodists Online is a gathering place for prayer, bible reflection, worship and more, for all who are, or want to be, part of the Methodist family in Scotland.

·        Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit has links to a variety of streamed events. To connect with others gathering regularly in the online small group, contact Rev Rob Morton

·        Strathclyde Circuit is offering acts of worship and a variety of online gatherings to all seekers through the Trinity Methodist Shettleston YouTube Channel as well as Webinars on many different topics. Subscribe to the Shettleston Trinity Facebook page to find out more about resources and events in Strathclyde.
Rev Andrew Baker leads 5live@5 every Saturday at 5pm for 5 minutes on his YouTube channel.

·        Forth Valley Circuit offers worship downloads and links to online worship at:
Livingston United Parish Church every Sunday at 10.30am via Zoom. LUPC has a range of other activities online. For more information please visit Livingston United Parish Church Facebook page.
Stirling Methodist Church also offer worship every Sunday at 10.30am via Zoom. If you would like to join them please email Jon for instruction on how to link to the service.


Dear Church Stewards and others.


Hope you are keeping well.


Attached are the usual resources for worship and prayer at home this week.Please share all this as widely as you can and encourage folk to volunteer to do a reading or even a prayer if they want.  The size and spread of our Circuit has always made it difficult to get together for a Circuit Service but this is an opportunity to do it without having to travel and potentially whilst curled up on the sofa still wearing your PJs and with a cup of tea too!!


Last but not least – thank you for all that you are doing in keeping in touch with people, sharing information, passing on news and responding to a massive change in all our lives.


Take care and God Bless