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Riverside Methodist Church, Blairgowrie & Rattray

Online service

Sunday  August 1st      Rev. Alan Anderson

www.riverside-methodist-church.co.uk             SC038412

Live Service
Perth Methodist Church  Judy Jarvis 11.00


  The early birds will be able to view it from 9am on Sunday but for the rest of us – it would be a really lovely feeling to think that we will all watch it at the same time at 11 on Sunday.

 It will be a good idea to find the channel beforehand and there is a short service there – the worship we had at the Local Preachers’ meeting – for you to practice with.  Go to ‘Search’ on YouTube and put in Angus, Dundee and Perth Methodist Circuit (Yes - I will have a word with Nik about the title!!)  It has a name and a logo - shown here.'-Sue Marshall Jennings.

If you go to the Dundee Methodist Church website you can get the You tube link there    Ruth


Angus, Dundee and Perth Methodist Circuit

Nik's Musings  01/08/21

What signs point you to Jesus? If you’re like many people you look for signs that might emerge from a Cecil B. DeMille production–large, grandiose, cinematic visions of the Divine presence. Thunder, raging storms, brilliant sunsets, mighty winds may come to mind. Maybe the signs you envision are rare glimpses into the divine nature such as a baby’s first cry, the dawn breaking at an Easter sunrise service to the sound of singing, or standing on a mountaintop gazing into the distant valley below.


The reality of our life on earth is that we don’t spend much time on mountaintops; most of our days are spent traveling the plains and dusty roads of daily routine and responsibility. Where are the signs pointing you to a gracious and loving saviour when your house is a wreck and you’re dog tired from a hard day of work or when the bills keep piling higher, when your health deteriorate and you feel lost and alone. Where in the world can you see the One who sustains you, who saves you, who never leaves you–not even in the worst and most chaotic train wrecks life can throw at you?

Here’s a hint: think small and simple. Jesus is found in the ordinary and everyday stuff of life. This week’s gospel reading reminds us of that. John points to Jesus in simple signs of bread and water. Yes, bread and water say a lot about Jesus’ identity and presence, not only in the sacraments of baptism and communion but in daily life.


So the next time you feel lost and alone and in need of some direction that will point you to Jesus, remember that you don’t have to look very far. You’ll find signs of God in each raindrop and every tear. You can see God and hear hope in the joyous play of children in a lawn sprinkler on a hot summer day. You may hear signs of Jesus in the gentle lapping of water as you stroll along a lakeshore, or remember a sign of your baptism whenever you fill a glass of water from the tap.

When you are hungry for a sign, take a walk past your local bakery and smell the fresh, yeasty scent of rising dough. Next time you bite into freshly buttered toast, take it as a sign of God’s daily provision and care. And when you gather with your brothers and sisters around Christ’s table for a bit of bread and wine, be assured of the real presence of your Lord.

Miracles and wonders need not happen in the clouds. All creation is sacred and each moment infused with the divine. Bread and water are wonder enough. Look closely and you will see signs of God incarnate at work in the world and at work in you.


Sunday August 8th  Julya Walsh 

Shetland Methodist YouTube Channel. The Shetland District Facebook page has lots of other news and resources too.

·        Inverness Circuit is broadcasting on their YouTube Channel Inverness Methodist Church and you can follow all that’s happening at The Bike Shed Coffee House with Dave Saunders the Bearded Woodworkerwho is hosting a series of online conversations connected to issues of faith and everyday life raised by the current pandemic. These are posted on the Kyrios Facebook page.

·        The North of Scotland Circuit offers acts of worship and a variety of ways to connect:
Moray Coast offers worship services led by folks from the coastal churches.
Peterhead Methodist Church Facebook Page has lots of videos and devotional material for all ages.
Aberdeen Methodist Church YouTube Channel offers reflections and more. Further resources are available on the Aberdeen Methodist Church Facebook page.

·        Angus, Dundee and Perthshire Circuit offers reflections, prayers, artwork and more on the Circuit Facebook page, and Scottish Methodists Online is a gathering place for prayer, bible reflection, worship and more, for all who are, or want to be, part of the Methodist family in Scotland.

·        Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit has links to a variety of streamed events. To connect with others gathering regularly in the online small group, contact Rev Rob Morton

·        Strathclyde Circuit is offering acts of worship and a variety of online gatherings to all seekers through the Trinity Methodist Shettleston YouTube Channel as well as Webinars on many different topics. Subscribe to the Shettleston Trinity Facebook page to find out more about resources and events in Strathclyde.
Rev Andrew Baker leads 5live@5 every Saturday at 5pm for 5 minutes on his YouTube channel.

·        Forth Valley Circuit offers worship downloads and links to online worship at:
Livingston United Parish Church every Sunday at 10.30am via Zoom. LUPC has a range of other activities online. For more information please visit Livingston United Parish Church Facebook page.
Stirling Methodist Church also offer worship every Sunday at 10.30am via Zoom. If you would like to join them please email Jon for instruction on how to link to the service.


Dear Church Stewards and others.


Hope you are keeping well.


Attached are the usual resources for worship and prayer at home this week.Please share all this as widely as you can and encourage folk to volunteer to do a reading or even a prayer if they want.  The size and spread of our Circuit has always made it difficult to get together for a Circuit Service but this is an opportunity to do it without having to travel and potentially whilst curled up on the sofa still wearing your PJs and with a cup of tea too!!


Last but not least – thank you for all that you are doing in keeping in touch with people, sharing information, passing on news and responding to a massive change in all our lives.


Take care and God Bless